Allergy Lab System

Allergy is a specialty concerned with diagnosing and treating patient allergies. The Mountainside Allergy Lab System offers an efficient tool for managing all aspects of a patient’s care from testing to injections.

Features include:

  • Acquire a patient’s picture for positive identification of the patient when managing their account and administering injections. (When the EMR is in use, the picture is available to both applications.)
  • Each patient has one or more antigen formulas that name the ingredients in each formula’s associated vials.
  • Each formula may have a default injection schedule, and each vial will be given a dilution-specific schedule. Schedules may change based on the patient’s reaction(s), if any, to their injections.
  • Track patient vials and injections, alerting staff to the need for new vials, and of patients who are late for injections.
  • As new vial orders are created, the system allows staff to print vial labels and, for patients receiving their injections outside the office, instruction sheets.
  • Track antigen inventory and print inventory labels.
  • Print bar-coded labels that allow patients to self-check-in for injections.
  • Patients with a check-in card may scan their card as they enter the office for an allergy injection and be automatically added to the queue of patient’s waiting for an injection. (Appropriate financial controls are included.)
  • Once checked in, patients may be called for their injection via a waiting room monitor.  This same monitor will alert the patient when their after-injection wait time has expired.
  • Based on the injection schedule attached to the patient’s vials, automatically determines the vial and dose for each new injection.  (Subject to missed-injection time limits.)
  • Automatic billing for vials and injections.
    • When used with Mountainside’s Practice Management, charges flow directly into the billing system.
    • When used with a third party application, charges may flow across an HL7 interface or be manually exported using the included billing reports.
  • Should the patient have a reaction to an injection, staff may record the reaction and leave instructions for the next injection.
  • When used with Mountainside’s Electronic Medical Records, allergy injection history is automatically included in, and accessible from, the patient’s recent charting history list.
  • Numerous reports and management features.

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