Do you want to conform to your software, or would you prefer software that conforms to the way you work? Mountainside Software recognizes that every practice is unique and, as a result, our products may be individually tailored to meet your unique needs. Our Practice Management, Medical Records and/or Allergy products may be purchased together as a complete package, or individually to complement other products.


Practice Management

is the foundation and centerpiece of a thriving practice, providing robust features that will help any size practice achieve a better bottom line.

Electronic Medical Records

is easily tailored to meet the documentation, workflow, communications and reporting needs of any practice.

Allergy Lab System

manages patient formulas, vials and injections to provide complete documentation for the allergy office.

Appointment Scheduler

is a powerful tool for managing physician schedules in both single and multi-site settings.


With our roots in the software consulting industry, Mountainside first consulted with physicians in the mid-1980s to help enhance their existing systems. In 1987, we partnered with one of those physician’s offices to create the first draft of our Mountainside Practice Management System. Since those early days we have worked with a variety of specialties to ensure that our products meet their specific requirements and their individual needs. After all these years, we still listen to our customers and work with them to enhance our products to meet their ever-changing needs. Mountainside is helping practices across the country with solutions for their documentation and billing needs. We invite you to become one of our many satisfied customers.

For more information on how our systems can help you achieve a more productive day, please see our Products Overview.